Our Syllabus

The AATBD examination structure is comprised of 4 separate Syllabus Styles. 


Each Style is designed to train the students to the best of their ability in rhythm, performance quality, and technique skills whilst ensuring each syllabi level is in accordance with safe dance practices. Constantly being updated, the styles are challenging and satisfying, and students are encouraged to give each level their all in order to reach their highest potential and gain the best possible score they can. Once students have completed all of the syllabi, they are then qualified to go on to teach dancing lessons themselves and can apply to become an AATBD Examiner.

There are 12 examination levels in the Jazz Syllabi, including the Advanced Jazz Diploma. This style focuses greatly on jazz technique, stretching, strength and jazz styles.

Flying Splits

Also known as the Teacher's Diploma, this style consists of 11 levels, the final examination being the Teacher's Theatrical Diploma. This style is slightly more involved than most, as it has components of both Tap and Theatrical work combined. The exercises mainly concentrate on stretching and strength in all parts of the body. Students also learn about human development, the human anatomy and an extensive range of practical theory once they reach their final Diploma

Dancing in Pink

The Tap Syllabi consists of 15 examination levels, the final examination being for the Tap Diploma. This concentrates mainly on rhythm, counting, tap technique, and practical theory.


Comprising of 15 Levels, including Advanced Ballet Diploma , the ballet syllabus is firmly focused on ballet technique for both ballet and pointe work, correct feet and arm positioning and development and training in the use of french language for ballet steps and practical theory.