Our History

The Australian Academy of Theatrical & Ballet Dancing Inc (AATBD Inc.) is a non-profit organisation. It was first and foremost opened to give every child the opportunity to experience the enjoyment of dance. 

Laura Mitchell, along with Patty Miller and Madame Borovosky, had the foresight to build such a strong Academy, which has enabled many students and teachers to advance their careers in the Dance Industry.

The Academy, which was officially opened in 1962, has seen many changes throughout the years.

Our founding member, Miss Laura Mitchell, retired from her position of Honorary Secretary, Events organiser, & Examination Co-ordinator at the young age of 90.

Laura Mitchell organised, choreographed & handwrote all of the Academies syllabi which are still going strong to this day. Over the years, changes have been made to enhance the original work. Music has been modernised and exercises have been modified to meet the set Safety standards.


The teachers in the Australian Academy of Theatrical & Ballet Dancing Inc have passed diplomas in their required fields to enable them to correctly teach the Academy’s syllabi. The Examiners for the Academy have full qualifications in every dance field the Academy offers.